2016 UK National Health CIO Forum agenda-setting focus co-operation between China and UK

Director of the Department of Health Information Center Denwood, “digital medical journal” editor Hoeksma, director of the British Computer Society Thilthorpe and more than 30 chief information officer from Britain’s universal health care (CIO), universities and representatives of NGOs attended the forum. They evaluate on the quality and efficiency challenges and the goals and actions taken on British health care. The success showcase in digital health and innovation, professional training and develop the future cooperation direction of medical information.

British Chinese Medical informatics Association executive president Chenyu Liao make a speech on British and China informatics cooperation retrospect and prospect, recalled in 2015, the British healthcare and China Planning Commission of Health, Chongqing medical information expert group, Shanghai exchange first people hospital, Zhejing health department, Wenzhou hospital Association and other organization cooperation project and agreement reached in 2015.

In addition, the forum also officially launched the British and China medical information of high-level experts’ joint action group and prepare for the China and British medical information forum which hold in March 2016.
After the discussion between the CIOs, the forum topic in 2016 will focus on medical pricing, two-way referral information platform, large public health data, international data standards and information security, and provide professional guidance and technical support in heal reform and information technology construction.

In 2012, British Health Minister Hunt and Chinese Vice Premier Yandong Liu was co-chaired the first Sino-British high-level professional exchange mechanism meeting and signed the Sino-British in health, education and science and technology facilitate high level professional exchange “the memorandum of understanding” . UK National Health CIO Forum is the best practice ad common platform for a senior British universal health professionals to share information and promote leadership.

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