How To Tell Someone Has Arrived From A Parallel Universe And Doesn’t Yet Realize It

How To Tell Someone Has Arrived From A Parallel Universe And Doesn’t Yet Realize It

If Hindus are right about cows being a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered, imagine the level of hell us hamburger eaters are going to experience. I can see the particularly offended ones making us graze in fields as one of them named Marie says “Let THEM eat grass. ” Or perhaps they all pile into a VW bus and drive out to the pasture, sneak up on us and try to tip us over. Heck, we might even be hung up on meat racks as cow guards force feed us “mor chikn”.===

sslvrbulllit One of the greatest things about being a guy is not having to find good hiding places for rubber dildos

Paul013 There have been 5 us presidents that DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE . Trump – George w in 2000 . Andrew Jackson in 1824 . . . . Grover Cleveland. In 1888

Someone do Paul a favor and let him know Sammy didn’t quite make the presidential victory cut, although he possibly got screwed over and he did win the popular vote as per wiki.===

Harryinkpot Just joined social media not clue what all about so hello. knees got have new knee caps. ok cars only one for me Aston Martin the bond car.oh dear far to fast for me

I think he is vying to be Tesla’s fill in or replacement (the one on wire, not the genius. well the one on wire may be a genius but until the typos slow down, who the fuck would know).?

If This Place Really Pisses You Off As Much As It Seems To, Maybe You Should Take The No Blog Challenge

Hello Pier Nation, many of you have heard about things like the Tide Pod challenge, the Ice Bucket challenge (yeah i’m going a few years back in time there), the moronic Duct Tape challenge or even the creepy Momo challenge. So in the spirit of keeping up with the times, I am issuing the Go Fuck Yourself challenge. The gist of this challenge is every time you think of any challenge you wish to announce on social media, proceed to the mirror and in a blunt, commanding voice you say “go fuck yourself”. A variant of this is if you witness someone else, say a spouse or adult family member, about to issue a challenge and they seem determined to do so, you tell them “go fuck yourself”. Think of all the hospital visits and incidents of public embarrassment this will avoid. I mean sure, some of you may end up in the hospital if you actually do this, but it will save the rest of us from having to see whatever stupid challenge was to be presented.===

A few weeks ago i saw a couple of idiots in 50s room (i know, i know there’s a lot more than a couple there) say you can’t cut and paste chat in wire rooms. No wonder these morons think i spend all my time blogging, they must assume i retype every word, typo and punctuation mark in chat to my blog. Just an fyi dim bulbs, wire chat is every bit as easy as aol chat as far as cutting and pasting, try it sometime before you make comments that show your lack of comprehension on something so easy to perform.===

Samuel Tilden in 1876

And speaking of Mystic, Pier Talk wishes to welcome AuroraNorthBorealis to the fold. You really need to change up your verbage and conversation topics you stupid stupid broad.===