Sugou left Asuna prisoner near the top of the nation Forest from inside the ALfheim and carry out sexually harass the lady

Sugou left Asuna prisoner near the top of the nation Forest from inside the ALfheim and carry out sexually harass the lady

But not, much to Kirito’s treat, he and you may Asuna didn’t in fact die, reading they only died from the online game, yet not in real world. Kirito as well as the majority of most other SAO survivors was awakened eurodate türkiye and was indeed adjusting lives back once again to the real world, however, Kirito found much to help you their heartbreak one Asuna and three hundred people got but really so you can wake up even after Sword Art Online are cleaned. Kirito was devastated to understand regarding Asuna’s predicament and you may enraged the guy did not find a way to help the woman. Even after the lady situation, Kirito nonetheless held promise in his center she would in some way wake up, constantly seeing Asuna at the hospital, carrying the lady hands having service. But not, Kirito involved get the full story incredible information, reading a couple months after after beating SAO you to definitely Asuna’s parents got currently set up on her to get married Sugou Nobuyuki. Sugou easily found their genuine nature to Kirito, along with which he intends to get married Asuna throughout the pursuing the week despite the fact she’s nonetheless within the a good coma.

Kirito turned into thoroughly heartbroken and you will showed up next to dropping complete promise, viewing he did not do anything to help and you will considered that he try it is attending eradicate Asuna in order to Sugou. Recognizing Suguha is useful, Kirito regains guarantee he and you may Asuna would be with her once again and once, he soon located significantly more shocking news off Agil, giving your blurred photos out-of a player which significantly is comparable to Asuna. Conference Agil in the real-world, the guy informs Kirito you to definitely Asuna is possibly involved into the other digital world-known because ALfheim On the internet, Property of your own Fairies towards the top of the country Tree.

Yet not, he was later on recommended and you can confident because of the his adoptive sister, Suguha, to make certain Kirito to remain solid rather than to quit on the the latest love the guy and you can Asuna features for every single almost every other

On training the news and you will reading Asuna’s dad’s business runs the fresh new video game, Kirito actually starts to believe Sugou was for some reason on it, particularly once his conflict in relation to Asuna’s success, hinting out-of your imprisioning her. Even if just like the pictures had been fuzzy they won’t not it’s establish if whether or not the athlete is really Asuna. However, wanting desperately so you can get back and be that have Asuna once again as well as the save your self the woman of having a wedding so you can Sugou, Kirito decides to just take it chance and you can dives on ALfheim On the web. Kirito finds out himself reunited which have Yui and you can match and you will befriends Leafa, a Slyph pro. With her new threesome first started the travel to the world Forest with Kirito seeking to get here before the set up relationships happens between Asuna and you will Sugou on the real world. not, unknown to help you Kirito, Asuna and also the 300 comatose people away from SAO was indeed being held attentive by Sugou Nobuyuki as he was privately trying out its thoughts with the exception of Asuna.

Even after its hit a brick wall efforts, their very good love for one another will continue to motivate them so you’re able to finally end up being along with her again, declining to stop otherwise disheartenment

Asuna tries to continue to be good and wishes for Kirito to save this lady, it is unaware if the he survived immediately following SAO is removed. Sooner or later, Asuna in the future turned far more hopeful and clear on Kirito preserving her upon understanding of his endurance, feeling higher an effective level of contentment and relief. When you are once you understand Kirito create cut the girl, Asuna turned into a lot more determined in order to reunite which have him in addition to finishing Sugou off trying out the fresh new seized SAO people. Asuna produced their basic just be sure to 100 % free herself and you may arrived personal to help you succeeding and you may Kirito is nearly alongside achieving the Most readily useful around the globe Tree. However, even after just how romantic these were to arrive its requirements, both Asuna and you may Kirito were not successful within their very first attempts to return. Sooner or later, Kirito in the long run made it to the world Forest at a lot of time history are reunited having Asuna.