Zhejiang medical export invite NHS hospital participant the Zhejing Medical Exhibition 2015

China Zhejing Prevent meeting British Notional Health Hospital president and British medical information technology and service providers in London during July, to discuss the prospects of cooperation in the Health information innovation field.

The Forum is based in Thames Park Plaza Hotel and more then 20 of representatives from UK and China participated. St. Thomas Hospital Lunduigaiyi Steve Mc Guire make a welcome speech, the British Association of Chinese Medical Information Executive president ChenYu Liao presided over the discussion.

Zhejiang Provincial department of Finance and Planning Commission particular focus on British Health care maintain the balance of humane medical services and management efficiency, while visiting the UK leading three medical information technology service provider, TPP, Fotures and Denotics’s presentation of British medical big data solutions during the forum. The British participants also include the British National Medical Quality Oversight Committee Sean – Ms. Pierre, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear psychiatric hospital CIO Darren McKenna, director of the International Department of the Royal Free Hospital Allison British director and general manager of universal health Kangwo County

British representative also show the Suffolk Hospital and government information integration and large data applications system, the virtual health clinic, hospital efficiency data integration, health risk stratification management software. Both the British Hospitals and technology providers agree that the use of these new technologies will provide the thrust for the Chinese and British health care reform cause.

Chinese representative introduce the currently state of the Zhengjing medical information, current cooperation with the British health care and future needs of innovation to the UK National health. Zhejing is more interested in the implementation of latest technology and the introduction of the British universal health research and development, also learn the experience from the UK healthcare information technology vendors.

Zhejing Planning International Center introduce to the British: Zhejiang government procurement budge in 2015 is around 110 million pounds, 15% of the total budget is used for information technology, 5%-8% is used for medical equipment procurement and government procurement cooperation with foreign technology service provider is the main purpose of this London trip. The investment in health care are very important for Zhejing province department of Finance, as it is the primary health care system in most of provinces. Currently the UK NHS hospitals and technology providers are cooperation with Zhejing province in many projects, such as TPP in Zhejiang has signed commercial contracts for future information technology in health care, medical equipment procurement, medical and information technology exchanges and personnel training NHS hospital management etc.

During the forum, both British and Chinese representative shows the extensive of future cooperation. The British representative also introduce the new medical information solutions and extension for export the technology and model to China market. Chinese representatives agreed to design a future long-team cooporation strategy with China.

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